Tackling the planet’s environmental and social challenges requires an active defense of nature and the services it provides. Facing with these challenges, the collective approach is imperative between all stakeholders and with all possible forms of commitments.


In this regard, the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation has decided to particulary support nature conservation, in particular biodiversity and the oceans, and develop awareness on these subjects.


Faithful to its approach, the Foundation supports the development of innovative solutions and partnerships to generate more impact. Together with "the largest ocean clean-up operation ever carried out, the Foundation, a major "Mission Partner", contributes to The Ocean Cleanup, an international non-profit organization that supports the development of technologies to rid the world's oceans and rivers of plastic pollution

Our major partner

The Ocean Cleanup researches, extracts and monitors plastic pollution in oceans and rivers all around the world By developing artificial ships or coastlines that trap plastic, The Ocean Cleanup is struggling constantly against this pollution.


Their ambition is to eliminate 90% of floating plastics from our oceans and especially in the Pacific vortex called the “6th continent.” Their cleaning technologies have been deployed around the world for more than a decade.


In April 2024, The Ocean Cleanup announced it had removed a verified historical total of ten million kilograms of trash from oceans and rivers around the world, about the same weight as the Eiffel Tower.