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We believe in every person’s potential

Societe Generale The Future is You Foundation, which oversees all of Societe Generale’s sponsorship, aims to provide support from within a collective to young people who are getting started, as well as all those who we can help flourish in their personal and professional lives. We believe in each person’s potential and want to help everyone fulfil theirs, starting with those who inherently embody the future – young people. 

Acting as a responsible bank isn’t just about the financial aspect of our business: making a commitment to society, in which we are key players, is an integral part of our mission.

Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale and President of The Future Is You Foundation 

Launch of Societe Generale The future is you foundation to be discovered in video (in French only)

Solidarity and Music

By bringing solidarity and music within a single foundation and connecting the two, Societe Generale is giving new impetus to its sponsorship commitments and mobilising its employees to contribute positively, alongside its charity and music partners, to a better, sustainable future.  

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Crédits : Association Nos Quartiers ont du Talent 

Young people: a priority audience

For many young people, the pandemic increases the risk of dropping out, compromises their education, training and employment prospects, and affects their well-being and self-confidence. Societe Generale The Future is You Foundation’s efforts are primarily directed at these individuals.
We partner with associations that support them in their journey, by allowing them to access worksites or companies that help the unemployed rejoin the workforce, to carry out an entrepreneurial project and to acquire the know-how and soft skills that will lower the barriers to entering the workforce. We also support projects providing education through music and sport – two areas in which Societe Generale has acquired legitimacy as a patron and long-term partner.  

Young people have always been front and centre in our sponsorship initiatives and they will be even more central to the actions of Societe Generale The Future is You Foundation.

Caroline Guillaumin, Human Resources and Communications Director at Societe Generale, Foundation Director 

General Operation

The Board of Directors of Societe Generale The Future Is You Foundation defines the overall strategy of the Foundation, reviews applications from major partners and decides on all support. It has eleven directors: six representatives of the Societe Generale group, and five qualified individuals who have agreed to put their expertise at the service of the Foundation.

The operational committees – Music Committee, Education & Insertion Committee, Education & Insertion dedicated to the Africa programme – review files and submit support proposals to the Board of Directors to implement the Foundation’s strategy. The committees gather representatives of the Societe Generale group and qualified individuals, experts in our areas of involvement.

Music Committee

Laurent BAYLE
Caroline SONRIER, Executive and Artistic Director, Opéra de Lille
Hafida GUENFOUD-DUVAL, ​Executive Officer of the Foundation
Ulrich MOHRLE,​ Deputy Officer of the Foundation - Music
Eric PILAVIAN, Playing For Philharmonie committed employee

Education & Insertion Committee

Dorothée CORBIER, independent director, Agence ASSEMBLE, patronage consulting agency, citizen commitment
Marc GERMANANGUE, Education expert, author and manager of associative structures
Camille MARC, Manager, Philanthro-Lab Incubator
Sidonie MERIEUX,​ CEO, HeR Value
Hafida GUENFOUD-DUVAL, Executive Officer of the Foundation
Marc HAROUNYAN,  Committed employee and foundation liaison in Lyon
Mathilde LEROSIER,​ Deputy Officer of the Foundation - Solidarity
Hacina PY, Group Chief Sustainability Officer
Croisine MARTIN ROLAND, Philanthropy Advisor, Société Générale Private Banking, Executive Officer 29 Haussmann Foundation

Education & Insertion Committee dedicated to the Africa programme  

Hélène GUEHENNEUC, Director of Tiers-lieu Mahna, Burkina Faso​
Stéphanie SCHMIDT, Director of Partnerships / Africa, Ashoka​
Arthur BRIGHT, Director of the Africa, Mediterranean and Overseas Business Unit
Sophie DIAKITE, Sponsorship representative in Senegal and committed employee
Hafida GUENFOUD-DUVAL, Executive Officer of the Foundation
Mathilde LEROSIER,​ Deputy Officer of the Foundation - Solidarity
Zdenek METELAK,​ CEO SG Madagascar

Administrateurs externes

Les comités de sélection - Comité Musique, Comité Education & Insertion professionnelle, Comité Afrique 

Les comités de sélection mettent en œuvre la stratégie de la fondation en étudiant et sélectionnant des dossiers qui seront proposés au Conseil d’administration. Ils sont composés de représentants du groupe Société Générale et de personnalités qualifiées, experts de nos domaines d’intervention.

Comité Musique

Laurent BAYLE
Caroline SONRIER, Directrice générale et artistique de l’Opéra de Lille
Vanessa WAGNER, Pianiste 
Hafida GUENFOUD-DUVAL,​ Déléguée générale​ de la Fondation
Ulrich MOHRLE,​ Délégué adjoint musique
Eric PILAVIAN, Collaborateur engagé Projet Playing For Philharmonie

Comité Education & Insertion professionnelle

Dorothée CORBIER,  Directrice associée d’ASSEMBLE, agence conseil en mécénat, engagement citoyen
Marc GERMANANGUE,  Expert éducation, auteur et dirigeant de structures associatives
Camille MARC, Responsable conseil et incubateur du Philanthro-Lab​
Sidonie MERIEUX,​ Présidente du cabinet HeR Value​
Hafida GUENFOUD-DUVAL, Déléguée Générale de la Fondation
Marc HAROUNYAN, Collaborateur relais de la Fondation à Lyon​
Mathilde LEROSIER,​ Déléguée adjointe solidarité
Hacina PY, Directrice du Développement Durable​ du Groupe
Croisine MARTIN ROLAND, Conseil en Philanthropie, Société Générale Private Banking, Déléguée  Générale Fondation 29 Haussmann​

Comité Afrique 

Hélène GUEHENNEUC, Directrice du Tiers-lieu Mahna au Burkina Faso​
Stéphanie SCHMIDT, Directrice des partenariats Afrique, Ashoka​ 
Arthur BRIGHT, Directeur de Cabinet de la Business Unit Afrique, Méditerranée et Outre-Mer
Sophie DIAKITE, interlocutrice Mécénat au Sénégal et collaboratrice engagée​
Hafida GUENFOUD-DUVAL, Déléguée générale de la Fondation
Mathilde LEROSIER,​ Déléguée adjointe solidarité​
Zdenek METELAK,​Directeur Général SG Madagascar​​