The Cresus Foundation, an association for economic and educational initiatives

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Crésus acts to promote the fight against exclusion through education and financial training for all through the establishment and management of an innovative platform for mutual assistance and prevention of over-indebtedness, the organisation and delivery of the CRESUS prize and the creation and distribution of fun budget education tools.

The Societe Generale The Future is You Foundation supports the roll out of the Dilemme Education, Avenir and Entrepreneurs games. These games are designed to educate and raise awareness in a fun way of all the issues involved in managing a personal and professional budget, the advantages and risks of the various payment methods, the general workings of banks and insurance companies, starting a business, and credit and savings, which are essential if young people are to successfully find a job and keep it over the long term. Dilemme budget education sessions last two to three hours and alternate between game phases, educational points, experience sharing and debates. They can be co-hosted by Societe Generale employees.