The foundation joins a collective of patrons to support youth through entrepreneurship

Societe Generale The Future is You Foundation has just joined an alliance of sponsors formed by the Fondation Entreprendre to help provide even more support to young people who are hesitant to go towards entrepreneurship.

Fondation entreprendre

"We have bold sponsors who want to veer off the traditional path. When they come to us, the slate is almost totally blank, with just one guideline", says Elisabeth Da Souza, Director of Patronage and Philanthropy at Fondation Entreprendre.

Project mode is a cornerstone of the Fondation Entreprendre culture. For the third consecutive year, Fondation Entreprendre has launched a call for projects aimed at young people and backed by an alliance of sponsors. The programme is called "ENTR&PRENDS TON AVENIR". It aims to assist young people through an entrepreneurial process that will help them envision their professional paths and jump start their careers.

"Our goal is for everyone, whatever their background, to have the opportunity to imagine themselves as entrepreneurs and to develop the essential skills that will ultimately make them employable", explains Benoît Mounier, Director of Programmes at Fondation Entreprendre.

We do not see entrepreneurship as an end in itself, but as a path to emancipation that should give everyone the chance to be an actor of their own lives.

Benoît Mounier, Director of Programmes at Fondation Entreprendre

Fondation Entreprendre and the patrons in the alliance selected 4 projects that address the challenges faced by young people from disadvantaged areas. The chosen projects have strong local roots and are connected to the specific needs of young people. They are organised with local stakeholders who are working with youth. The winning projects will receive financial backing for three years, with a budget of €1 million allocated to each.

Together, we achieve more

"We do not position ourselves as having the answers. We co-design the programme contents with our fellow alliance members. And regardless of the amount of money invested in the programme, equity is a must in decision-making. Societe Generale Foundation does a lot for young people and with this programme, we will benefit from their experience", says Elisabeth Da Souza. This philosophy is in line with that of the Societe Generale The Future is You Foundation.


"With this type of project, we are also going to learn about entrepreneurship, a topic we are keen to explore in greater depth. Thus, we are delighted to collaborate with the patronage teams at the Primonial group, Axa and the endowment fund as part of this initiative introduced by Fondation Entreprendre", emphasises Mathilde Lerosier, Head of Solidarity at the Societe Generale The Future is You Foundation.

It's a way of working that gives pride of place to collective intelligence, which complements our traditional way of working.

Mathilde Lerosier, Head of Solidarity at the Societe Generale The Future is You Foundation.

For this edition, about 50 proposals were submitted and screened by a committee made up of alliance members (and, therefore, of Societe Generale The Future is You Foundation), Fondation Entreprendre governance representatives and youth experts. Although the committee selected the winners on 9 June, the names of the winners will not be made public until 23 June. We can't wait to find out who they are!