Boxer inside Societe Generale : Everyone's unanimous winner !

On Tuesday 21 February, some twenty girls and boys from the Boxer Inside Club association came through the doors of the Societe Generale towers in La Défense. This day of immersion and encounters was organised within the framework of the partnership between the association and the Societe Generale The Future is You corporate foundation.


In the red corner: 20 young people, aged between 13 and 17 years old, making the most of their keen sense of curiosity. In the blue corner: 7 Societe Generale staff members who have accepted the challenge of coming along to share their experience and career paths.

Round 1: Divided into groups of three or four, our young guests asked a member of staff questions: training, career path, current job, passions… Every topic was open to scrutiny. Delighted to participate, the Societe Generale staff didn’t dodge any questions. The goal of this event is to help young people understand the journey and various stages of a professional career.

Round 2: each group of teenagers reported on the information they had gathered and presented their host of the day and his or her career path to the other groups. This stage took place under the kind-hearted and watchful eyes of the staff who had been interviewed and Sarah Ourahmoune, Olympic silver medallist in boxing and founder of the association.

Round 3: During the workshop’s collective debrief, everyone was able to say how pleasantly surprised they were to have shared this moment. These youngsters discovered the broad diversity of jobs available at Societe Generale and the sometimes-surprising career paths of the bank’s members of staff. Having recharged their batteries in the company’s restaurant, these teenagers were able to discover the premises.

The afternoon began with a tour of the Societe Generale art collection, after which the youngsters participated in a financial education workshop with Crésus, another of the Foundation’s partners.

The Compliance Division didn’t hesitate to get into the ring!

A cyber criminality specialist who dreamt of being a carpenter, a globetrotting HR officer, a finance expert who quotes his grandfather and Confucius… Some teenagers could have been unnerved by the broad diversity of career paths, but not these youngsters.

As for the Societe Generale staff who participated, they were all impressed by these youngsters’ ability to summarise and the quality of their interventions during the post-interview sessions.

A career is also a personal adventure that may not be a long straight line. Each person is a player in their journey

Mathieu, Societe Generale employee

Just like all of those who took part, Mathieu Mockel, the Compliance representative, didn’t hesitate for a second when he was asked whether he would like to participate in this project.

Keen on sport and teaching, I intended to become a Physical Education teacher. And here these inquisitive Boxer Inside Club youngsters provided me with an opportunity to talk to them about my journey from a gymnasium to Societe Generale’s Compliance division”, Mathieu tells us.

Like the other six participants, Mathieu hopes he managed to get across the fact that a career consists of desire, work, encounters and sometimes hurdles you need to overcome (but which make it a more fulfilling experience).

Boxer Inside’s motto is: “either we win, or we learn.” He tells himself that, on Tuesday 21 February somewhere in La Défense, 27 people learned and won at the same time and all together.

Boxer Inside Club, partner of the Foundation since March 2022

Founded in 2011, the Boxer Inside Club operates in priority neighbourhoods identified in municipal policies. It is a genuine public interest structure that works in the field of health and integration by encouraging everyone everywhere to get involved in sport.

Since March 2022, the Societe Generale The Future is You foundation has been a partner of the association for its Boxer Inside Academy project, which consists in working with 50 girls and boys aged between 10 and 17 to help them achieve social, educational and professional success through three main focusses: education through sport, professional emancipation and civic commitment.