Project submission


Our selection criteria

The values transmitted by classical music are consistent with those of the Societe Generale group. Strong personal investment inextricably linked to the orchestra's team work, collective harmony generated by mutual listening and sharing, collective strength greater than the sum of individual talents , etc.

More specifically, any eligible project will be examined according to Societe Generale The Future Is You Foundation's selection criteria:
- Excellence: the Societe Generale Foundation wishes to support projects driven by artistic standards
- Innovation: the Societe Generale Foundation wants to foster the arrival of new players with an original and creative approach
- Sharing: the Societe Generale The Future Is You Foundation wishes to support projects that bring classical music to new audiences

Eligibility criteria

Societe Generale Foundation funds:
- Public interest organisations that have existed at least one year and are legally domiciled in France
- Organisations and projects led by professional musicians
- Organisations or projects must be co-funded by public or private partners and the amount requested may not exceed 15% of the project/organisation budget. For organisations whose project merges with the corporate purpose, the budget communicated is that of the organisation

Societe Generale Foundation does not fund:
- Projects for individual musicians (except for loans of instruments)
- Festival projects
- One-off event projects
- Audio and video recording projects
-Publishing projects
- Contests and musical academy projects
- Projects for commissioned musical works

Modes d'accompagnement

Soutien financier : la Fondation accorde des soutiens financiers sur 3 ans, renouvelables pour 2 années supplémentaires.

Accompagnement au changement d’échelle : tout au long de ses soutiens pluriannuels, la Fondation reste à l’écoute de ses partenaires et peut financer une aide spécifique (prestation de conseil ou d’accompagnement) afin de leur permettre de progresser sur différents domaines : structuration juridique et sociale, communication et fundraising, transition numérique…

Submit your application

Within its “classical music” scope, the Foundation enables organisations seeking funding to submit an application throughout the year. The application deadlines correspond to the scheduled Board of Directors’ meetings:
- For the Board of Directors meeting in March: the deadline is 31 January
- For the Board of Directors meeting in June: the deadline is 30 April
-For the Board of Directors meeting in November: the deadline is 30 September

Steps of the process:
- Receipt of the application: the Foundation receives applications throughout the year
- Analysis and review of the application: the Foundation's operational team carefully analyses all the applications received for presentation to the Board of Directors. You may be contacted by the Foundation's operational team for additional information
Compliance check: Using the documents provided as part of the request for funding, each preselected organisation is subject to compliance checks in keeping with the regulatory requirements of the Societe Generale group
- Project presentation: all of the applications are presented to the Foundation's decision-making bodies, its Board of Directors or its Selection Committees
- Decision to offer funding: a project is funded if: 1) compliance checks are validated and 2) it is approved by the Board of Directors
- Project support: the projects selected are closely monitored and supported by the Foundation's operational team

Project submission

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